Where do I sell my Stuff? I am ready to sell my Home

So you are ready to move...but need to sell or donate some of your furnishings. What do you do? This is a frequently asked question when I meet with people who are ready to sell their home. Here is a list of a few suggestions to get you started.

Everything But The House.  Website: www.EBTH.com
They will photograph and provide descriptions of all of the items that you wish to sell. An auction will be conducted online, and items will either be picked up by the winning bidders or shipped by EBTH. This option works well for collectibles, antiques, art, china.

Sue Wickliff is a property appraiser. Sue can give you the value on jewelry, furniture, collectibles. She has collectors whom she can recommend who purchase particular items.

Complete Relocation Solutions  http://completerelocationsolutions.com/81-tips-to-help-elder-parents-downsize-in-indianapolis
They do a number of things including organize, sort, and hold sales. (I do not have personal experience with this company, but they look like a viable option.)

Christy's Auction Company--(or a local auction company in the area where you live) This is the easiest of the options. Jack Christy will send a team to pack everything for you. They transport the items you wish to sell to their auction company. They sell them for you and send you a percentage of the total amount sold. They will take almost everything.

Phone: 317-784-0000
Email: info@christys.com
Web: christys.com


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