Bring Some Light to Your World--Exciting Lamp Giveaway!

When it comes to lighting your home, it is important to use a combination of different lighting sources to create the right environment. Relying simply on overhead lighting can leave the lighting in your home either too dark or too harsh. Poor lighting can only take away from the aesthetic beauty of your home and it is vital that you strike the proper balance. By incorporating table lamps into your home décor, you can add a wonderful accent to any room which will help create that warming glow you need. In terms of lighting manufacturers there are 3 brands in particular that shine brighter than the rest.

Uttermost is a family owned lighting company that has been a providing the world with beautifully handcrafted designer lighting and home décor since 1975. Their table lamps in particular are offered in a range of styles by top designers such as Carolyn Kinder, while still remaining an affordable lighting option for the common man. The Southwestern Xander Table Lamp in particular was designed by Kinder and features a wonderful antique style with handcrafted accents which make it a lovely addition to any home.

Minka Ambience has been a leader in the lighting industry for several years and prides itself on the quality of craftsmanship that is offered with every lighting fixture they produce. Minka is also widely known throughout the lighting industry for the vast array of products they offer ranging from chandeliers to table lamps to wall art. The Minka Tall Table Lamp in Textured Copper is an excellent example of a beautiful accent lamp that creates a warm glow and brightens your home with its warm base and shade. The lamps textured and ornate copper finish helps insure that it will be a welcome addition to any décor.

Last, but certainly not least, Fangio Lighting has been manufacturing quality lighting solutions for a wide range of applications for over 20 years. Generally used for commercial applications, Fangio has incredibly high standards for every shade or lighting design they produce. Not only that, but Fangio also produces all of their lighting in the United States, which means they can keep a closer eye on the production quality of every fixture they release. Designed by renowned designer Martin Richard, the Martin Richard Table Lamp in Gold Coast is a handcrafted lamp that adds a sense of elegance to any room in your home. Featuring a hand cast base and a hand woven lamp shade, this table lamp offers you the warmth you need from an accent light, with the quality you expect from a world class designer.

Are you ready to enter? It is easy... Just leave a comment on this blog expressing which of the three lamps that you would choose and where you would use it. Be sure to visit CSN Lighting to view their other beautiful options.

Please be sure to leave your name and email address in your comment so that I will have a way to contact you if you are the fortunate winner. The winner will be selected by a random drawing.

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One additional entry for each item.

(Leave a separate comment for each entry.)

Time to enter ends on Sunday, May 3rd. A winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on Monday. The contest is open to residents in the United States and Canada only.
Thanks to CSN Lighting and to you for entering! The best of luck to you!


  1. Jeannine K1:08 PM

    I like the top right :)
    Have a great day ~ I'll never catch up to your web savy!

  2. Thanks Jeannine, that lamp would look great in your home!

  3. HollyMenzer2:20 PM

    I like the bottom lamp. I have a really old lamp in our living room right now that doesn't match, so this one would be a great improvement!

  4. Who can't use more lighting. Beautiful lamps pictured here. Thanks for letting me know about teh contest.

  5. Actually now that I think of it, the top right one would probably look better in our living room. Thanks for letting us know about this contest, Diane!

  6. Thanks for your comment, Holly. Always our prerogative to change our minds!

  7. Julie Sanders3:08 PM

    I would love the top left lamp for my bedroom. It's so dark in there! Thank you Diane for letting me know about the contest.

  8. Lindsey Thompson3:31 PM

    I would choose the lamp by Uttermost because it's antique-looking design fits best with our home's decor. I would use it in the family room as an additional lamp to the ones we already use.

  9. Jennifer Naylor4:01 PM

    I think I would choose the first lamp. We are finally getting our office into order and bought some new desks and that first light would look very nice.

  10. I would choose the first lamp. It fits our decor much better than the others.

  11. It is amazing what a difference a new lamp can make in a room. All of a sudden the room becomes inviting and a place to relax--or it
    moves us to get things done depending on the style of the lamp.

  12. I love the hammered copper one... very cool lamp! This would go on a side table in our family room, because the overhead lighting is not that great in that room and one of the 2 lamps we use in there has a darker shade that really only lights up the chair it's next to. Another lamp would be PERFECT! Thanks!

  13. I love the tall narrow one. Very modern and pretty and perfect for our living room. Thanks for running your contest.

  14. Thanks for your comments everyone! It is so fun to learn which lamp appeals the most to you. We tried to select lamps in three different styles to cover a gamut of tastes.

  15. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Hey Diane
    Fun to see new lighting options. I actually was just shopping last night for overhead lighting and my bedroom corner. thanks for letting us know about options. vicki (

  16. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I love all the lamps, but I think the first one fits my decor the best. I would love to have an artsy lamp like that in my living room. I'm always needing more light in there. Thanks

  17. Mia Pahl2:54 PM

    After living in our home for two years, we've barely given a second thought to decorating. Now that our office room is finally coming together, I've found the perfect piece to complete the look: the gold hammered lamp! Combined with a red and gold woven pashmina from India, the gold lamp will bring that extra "pop" to draw your eye to my mother's piano. What a great motivation to sit down and play!

    Mia Pahl

  18. Randall Pahl4:17 PM

    I'd use the tall skinny lamp in my bedroom....I like the classic styling as it reminds me of my grandparents house.

  19. hey these look really cool but i came across this one which is eco - friendly and its light does not effect eyes as well. really cool in shaoe and has a back up of around six hours. Check this out:

  20. A very interesting light indeed. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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