Homes are selling fast in the #Indy Area!

We are on a roll!  Homes in the northern suburbs of Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville and Fishers are selling very quickly.  Buyers are waiting for new listings to come on the market.  This seems to be true for price ranges under $400,000.

We have had 3 listings in the last 30 days that have sold in the first day (or two) on the market!

For Sellers, now is a great time to put your home on the market!  Especially right now--while inventory is low.

For Buyers, when you find a home that you like--don't wait to make an offer.  Trust me!

Here is one of those homes that sold very quickly--this one for list price!  $144,000

What is the market like in your area?  Are you seeing the same kind of results?


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  5. This is a great house! My husband and I are looking on the market for our very first home. If I could find something like this in that price range I would be happy. Homes in my area are expensive!

    Alena |

  6. This is a cute little home I love the mixture of stone and vinyl siding. That is also a really good price for such a nice home! Are there any pictures of the interior?
    Claudia Rosenburg |

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

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  9. The market hasn't been quite as amazing here as it is there, but still not too bad. I've been wanting to look more into the market in my area though. I want to hire a residential realtor, see if now is a good time to buy. I've been ready for my own house for quite some time now.

  10. Congratulations on all your success! The market in my area is also picking up. Like most of the country, we had a few rough years. I like it when homes sell fast because I find that it is easier for both sellers and buyers.


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