12 Homes for Winter Fun

When winter arrives, do you dream of having a home with an ice-skating rink, a cozy fireplace or direct access to the ski slopes? Or are you the type who wants to get away from the freezing temperatures and spend the chilly months somewhere warm and sunny? We’ve gathered a dozen homes for sale across the country, from cozy cabins and luxurious ski chalets to houses with outdoor pools in places you’ll actually be able to enjoy them in January. Whatever your idea of winter fun, there’s likely a home in here for you.


  1. I have for long cherished a dream of owning a house of having ice-skating rink and this post has made is the buy easy to make the dream true. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This is really interesting post and I want to live in this kind of house especially if the season is winter, so cool. Thanks.

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  5. The moment that I saw this post I suddenly remembered when I was a kid I dream of playing ice skating even though we don't have a place for skating. I will pursue to invest a home for winter someday. Thank you for this.

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  7. Looking at this place is really good for living and the place is very relaxing too. I wish I can live in that house. Thanks for sharing it.

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