Debbie Macomber The Inn at Rose Harbor

Debbie Macomber  The Inn at Rose Harbor to be released 08/14/12

Debbie Macomber, America's beloved author, has an amazing and devoted following.  Debbie along with her publicist, Nancy Berlander, have crafted a creative social media plan to expand Debbie's already sizeable fan base.  Part of that plan included sending advance copies to some of her fans for their review.
I was fortunate to be selected as one of those fans. :-)  Along with the advance copy,  I received several excepts of the book to hand out to family and friends.

Debbie's books for me have always been comforting, like relaxing with a steaming cup of tea and the softest blanket possible.   Her characters have real life struggles, but persevere in spite of them.   The friendships have depth and provide an enviable support network for the women involved.

So what is The Inn at Rose Harbor about?  The book centers around Jo Marie Rose who moves to Cedar Cove for a fresh start after the loss of her husband.  She purchases a  lovely bed and breakfast on the water and welcomes her first two guests.  I won't spoil the plot for you, but each book will introduce new characters as they stay at the inn and experience healing.

I am thankful for Debbie and the lens through which she views the world.  It is a view that gives us hope and points us to the value of lasting relationships.

Are you a Debbie Macomber fan?  Share your thoughts...and your favorite books.


  1. I'm so thankful about this page because it talks about home buying Beaumont, so keep it up!


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