Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

As a Mom to Twins, it is always a challenge to plan a doubly fantastic birthday--and one just after the Christmas holiday.  This year, we were inspired by the Food Network show CupCake Wars.  The cupcakes created on the show are unusual and beautiful.

We decided to invite friends who would be divided into 2 teams of 4.  Each team would be responsible for baking a cupcake from scratch, decorating it, cleaning up the kitchen, and presenting their creations to a guest judge.   Each team was given 1 hour to complete their cupcakes.  On the show, contestants have 30 minutes.  They would be judged on creativity, appearance and taste.

It was easy to find whimsical prizes and take home gifts for the girls.  Cupcake banks that could be painted and cupcake charms for a necklace or bracelet came from Oriental Trading Co.  Cupcake mini calendars and Cupcake notepads were found at Michaels.  Cupcake oven mitts and hot pads were purchased from Target.

The results?  A hilarious evening of belly laughs and fun + some delicious cupcakes and some not-so-delicious cupcakes.  (Oh, and a very messy kitchen.  The clean up criteria did not exactly work out as planned, but my kind husband pitched in, and the work was done.)

All in all, it was a memorable event for my daughters and their friends.  One of them commented that this was the best birthday party ever!  That was music to my ears.


  1. Hello, Dianne. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I appreciate it very much!

    The cuppy-cake theme looks like it worked out well for your twins' birthday party. What a great idea! I'm sure everyone loved it!

  2. Thanks Nancy for your comment! It was a very fun party. I failed to mention that it was a sleep over too, so the fun continued until midnight!

  3. Your cupcakes reminded me about the famous very old cupcake song that was sung by a small girl. Such events are really helpful to release tensions. I wanna eat some now. Nice party :-)


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