Choosing the Right Home -- It is not as simple as one might think! Part 2

Choosing the Right Home--It is not as simple as one might think!
Things I Wish My Realtor Had Told Me Part 2

What kind of Home Buyer are you? Are you an Emotional Buyer? You know when you walk into the right home you will just "know" it? You are confident you will have a strong feeling that the home is right.

 Are you instead a Logical Buyer? You weigh the Pros and Cons and decide on the home that has the most Pros?

Or are You an Ego Buyer? The more prestigious the address, the more the home appeals to you. The size of the home matters as well as the entrance to the neighborhood and the look of the surrounding homes. The home must have high end appliances and finishes.

Are you a Family-Oriented Buyer? You care more about the sizes of the children's bedrooms and play spaces than the Master Bedroom. You are drawn to larger yards and neighborhoods where swing sets and playgrounds proliferate. Strong Schools are vitally important.

One of my past clients, Josie, is now moving again. Sadly she and her family are now living out of state so they will be working with another Realtor. Josie generously shared from her own experience.

"Things I'd like to know from a realtor: SCHOOLS, SCHOOLS, SCHOOLS!!! It's hard to pinpoint a location you'd like if you know nothing about the schools in the area. Neighbors: what can you tell me about them? Do the homes give you any idea? We're moving again and elementary schools and neighbors are 2 HUGE things on our list of helping us find an area! Love that you're doing this list. Will check back later. :)"

The Cost Conscious Buyer--getting the best deal is the determining factor. These buyers want the least expensive home in the neighborhood. Fixer uppers, short sales, pre-foreclosures, and bank-owned properties are all appealing to this buyer.

What other factors affect a Buyer's home buying decision? Add your thoughts here---


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