Things I Wish My Realtor Had Told Me Part 1

After Buying a Home or After Selling Your Home, are there certain things you wished your Realtor had told you?  To head off those "If I had Only Knowns"  here is my series on Things I Wish My Realtor Had Told Me.

Let's start with some simple things and move into to the more complex.

1. In the winter when there is snow or ice, wear boots to look at homes.  Some homes will be vacant,  and the snow/ice may not have been shoveled.  The footing may be challenging especially if you are wearing sneakers or lighter footwear.  Ideally, wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily but will still provide some traction.

2.  Dress in layers.  If a home is in foreclosure, a short sale or bank owned, there may be no heat.  In colder climates, the inside of the house may equal the outside and be very chilly.  Dress warmly, so that you can thoroughly see the homes and not be run out because of the cold.

3.  Bring bottled water along.  This is especially helpful if you will be touring homes for more than a few hours.  Staying hydrated will help your stamina.

4.  Consider bringing your own camera or video recorder.  The photos featured in the mls may be an accurate representation of the homes you will see,  or they may distort the home--positively or negatively.  In those cases, it is helpful to take some shots to help you remember the property as you saw it.

5.  Take notes as you tour the homes.  You may think that you will easily remember the homes, but after 4 or 5 homes, the details will not be as clear.

6.  Try to keep a ranking of the homes from #1-3.  Those will be the most important homes for you.  The  others can be forgotten.  (Let your Realtor keep track of that info for you if needed later.)

Next ... Choosing the Right Home.

Have other ideas for this list?  Feel free to leave your comments.


  1. It is always a good idea to have a few questions to ask your agent before buying a home


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