Your Home is For Sale--Do You Decorate for Halloween?

Home Matters is an Indy Home Staging Company.  They recently posted some helpful guidelines for decorating in the Fall if your home is on the market.  Take a look:

Halloween Decorating while your house is "FOR SALE".

It is tempting to want to decorate for the holiday. While some decoration is OK and expected, going over-the-top can damage the sale. Instead try some of these suggestions to Happy Halloween while selling your home.

  • Keep it Simple;  Choose a single theme and then work within the confines of that theme. Don't try to combine vampires, witches, tombstones and gargoyles all on the front porch. 
  • Remember your audience;  It might be spook-ta-cu-lar and thrilling to create a murder-suicide theme with taped outlines of the dead body, but is this really a good idea pushing this theme during your home's sales event? Too much of a scare won't help buyers warm up to the property at all.  Something to think about!
  • Don't be so Literal with color; Let the seasonal color palette inspire you.  Instead of decorating halloween specific, consider adopting the color theme only.  You will still feel festive while keeping you home neutral for buyers.
Just remember to have fun, but don' frighten your buyers away!

Thanks to Home Matters for sharing their tips.  Visit them at


  1. Lindsey Thompson3:54 PM

    This is appropriate even if you aren't selling your home. I am not a fan of over-the-top Halloween decor and love the idea of just using the color themes to decorate.

  2. hehehe
    attempting decoration for holoween before sellling the house is quite innovative...
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