Zionsville's Fall Festival Part 2

Zionsville Fall Festival Parade
We just returned from the Fall Festival.  It was a perfect day with cool temps and a Fall feel to the air.  The smells were tantalizing--barbecue, fried chicken, philly steak sandwiches and walking tacos.

As I relished the time waiting for the parade to begin, I realized that the most appealing part of the weekend festival for me is the feeling of connection by living in a small town.  Zionsville is just over 10,000 people.  As the crowd gathered before the parade, cheerful greetings were shared and friends caught up on family news.  There is something valuable about feeling that you belong and are a part of the life of a town.  In nearly every part of the parade, there were people that we knew.  The heroes from all of stages of life were recognized --firemen, police men, ambulance and rescue teams, and veterans from each of the wars.  People saluted them with smiles and applause.

The tragedy of 9/11 still casts a shadow, but the event has united us.  An event like a small town festival is an excellent reflection of that unity.


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