The Daily Plate--an Easy Way to Count Calories

Have you discovered The Daily Plate yet?  This website provides an excellent way to set calorie goals and to track daily food consumption.  The folks at The Daily Plate have made the process seamless and even fun.  Over 679,000 food choices have already been entered in the site’s food library.  Entrees and side dishes from popular restaurants are available to calculate your daily intake very quickly.  Just think about what was consumed during the day and look it up, or better yet, keep a food journal.
I was surprised that the number of calories recommended for me was higher than expected based on my level of physical activity.  Perhaps I am not fueling my body enough.
The information contained on the site is very rich and deep.  And did I mention---that the basic level of membership is free?
Do you know of other excellent resources for diet and fitness?  Please share them here.


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