HGTV's Design Star--Inspiration for Design Ideas?

Okay, I have to admit it.  I enjoy watching Reality TV shows---not all of them, but those that relate to my interests.  (Houses, Interior Design, and Cooking)

I am inspired by new recipes, cooking techniques, design ideas, color trends and new products.

Currently I am enjoying HGTV's Design Star.  The producer behind Survivor (the first successful Reality TV show) Mark Burnett has taken the helm this season.  The changes he has instituted have made a difference--prompting more actual design and less focus on construction skills.

My friend Lesley at The Design File posted an interview with one of the contestants Tom Vecchione.  Tom has a tailored look and button down taste.  He is a highly successful architect and manages top notch accounts.   Take a look at Lesley's interview here:   Design Star Interview

Are you inspired by a Reality Show? It's okay to admit it here.


  1. Lindsey9:56 AM

    I found myself addicted to The Biggest Loser this last was inspirational and motivated me to work out harder! :)

  2. Hi Lindsey, thanks for your comment. I really enjoy Biggest Loser too. My favorite way to watch it is while working out on the treadmill. :-) I feel like I am being doubly inspired.


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