HGTV--Are you a Fan? How does HGTV affect the Home Buying or Selling Experience?

HGTV has changed the Home Buying and Home Selling Experience for nearly all of us.  Now buyers walk into a home for sale and expect more vivid colors--a Latte-hued kitchen or Saffron-inspired Great Room.  Buyers are more willing to voice their opinions as they walk through a home --just as if they were being featured on Property Virgins or House Hunters.  Buyers are more knowledgeable and expect more of the homes they visit.  A home must not only be neat and clean but properly staged.  An exercise room is ideal if it has not just equipment but also the small touches that create a tableau-- a basket filled with white towels rolled spa style.  Bottles of water and free weights also help to set the scene.

What are your favorite HGTV shows and how have they changed your perspective on Home Buying or Home Selling?


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