The Indy 500 is Sunday--How to watch it live

The month of May is a glorious time in Indy.  Trees are in bloom; spring flowers make their colorful appearance, and the city prepares for Race Day.  Tomorrow is the big day--and sunny skies are in the forecast.  Military flyovers have been occurring at 12:50 for the last 3 days.  The sky and earth rumble as the jets fly in perfect formation overhead.  Definitely excitement is in the air ( no pun intended).

For Indianapolis residents, the live telecast of the race on ABC is blacked out.  It is replayed later that day. My first choice would be to see the race in person.  I love the pageantry and the thrill of being there.  If attending the race was not possible,  in the past we would drive to a nearby town to watch the race live.  Last year I discovered that the race is streaming live on  You must join and sign in to see the stream, so check it out before the start of the race.  Thanks to twitter friends, I found the feed last year.  For conversation on twitter, follow @IndyTalk.

For the 400,000 fans attending the race, have a wonderful time-- and don't forget the sunscreen!



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