The Home Buying Adventure

Buying a home for most is a roller coaster adventure.  Along the way there are some unexpected turns and thrills.   As a Realtor leading the charge, I am sometimes surprised by the things that occur out of the ordinary.
Last week I showed a home that was vacant except for a few personal items.  It was the second time that my buyers were seeing this particular home.  As we entered the home, I noticed a pretty blue and white comforter jumbled on the floor of the study.  My buyer said I think there is someone in there.  I tiptoed to the door of the room.  Heavy breathing. Sure enough there was a man sound asleep on the floor.  He was cocooned in the comforter.  The only parts visible were his dark hair and long aquiline nose.  He did not awaken during the 20 minutes we were in the home.  Why he was there, I haven't a clue.  (I did send a note to the listing agent about the mysterious man.)

Later with this same couple,  I opened the door to a home knowing I immediately had to disarm the alarm. before it began to shriek.  This extra responsibility always makes me a little on edge.  (Yes, the police have arrived when I have set off an unexpected alarm by mistake.)  In this case, I opened the door ready to find the alarm.  Before I could take an extra step, two huge black spiders jumped on my sandaled foot.  I managed not to scream, but shook my foot frantically while still trying to reach the alarm in time.

In another outing with a different client, we were investigating a ranch home.  No lights were on.  We were feeling around for lights when my client opened a door and started to take a step forward.  Thankfully something told her to stop.  In the darkness in an unexpected space were the basement stairs.
Thankfully she was not harmed.

These experiences recount just the beginning of the process--finding the right home.  More thrills can be found in the negotiation process,  once the home has been found.

What experiences have you had in hunting for a home?  Good or bad?  Unexpected?


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