The Power of Color

Does it surprise you to know that there is a group of people that forecasts the color trends for each year?  That group is called  the Color Marketing Group.    The group is composed of people from 20 different countries.  Their choices apply to "all phases of color marketing: color trends and combinations; design influences; merchandising and sales; and education and industry contacts."
Their decisions are not a flash in the pan.  They affect fashion, accessories, home decor, and automobile colors.  The top color for 2010?  It is blue--powder blue, denim, sky, teal, midnight, cerulean, navy, turquoise, cornflower, periwinkle, and royal.  There are many fans of blue out there.  House Beautiful in its March 2010 issue is all aglow in blues, heralding their return to the home scene.

Blues create a peaceful, inviting mood.  They can be elegant or whimsical depending on the base colors.  An icy blue tinged with gray can be quietly elegant while an aqua can be lively and fun.  A robin's egg blue can speak of comfort and whimsy.  A cobalt lends richness and depth to a space.

Now can we be honest here?  I remember the last time blue was the "it" color.  Home colors reflected that trend.  For a year or two, those colors were wonderful, then the trend passed.  Later when I went through those homes as a Realtor, they looked so dated.  Definitely vintage for a particular year.

My advice?  Enjoy the trend if you are a blue lover, but enjoy it in small doses.  A pillow, comforter, or accent wall in the blue of your choice does not commit you to the color forever.  Then you can flex when the color wheel moves on to the next color du jour.

Are you a blue fan?  What colors draw you in?  What colors do you find exciting?

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  1. Diane--

    So true that you need to apply the trend to your own taste. I like your advice of using it in smaller pieces or accessories.


  2. Thanks Kathy for reading my blog post and taking the time to comment. Yesterday I spotted a cobalt blue car. It was a little startling, but the color trend continues to spread. Who knows--maybe blue eye shadow will become popular again?



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