More Photos from the Flowers in Bloom Exhibit

A comment from one of my readers (thanks Jen!) has prompted me to add a few more photos from the exhibit.  Jen was drawn to this dark fuscia dress shown below.  It has a slight boat line neckline and a dropped waist.  The bust was pushed up to make the waist look small.

The photo on top is representative of the beautiful work of the late 1890's.  The dress in the foreground has leg o' mutton sleeves.  These grew in size over the years again to emphasize the tiny dimensions of women's waists.

The dress in the middle had beautiful velvet flowers embroidered into the fabric.  I was struck by how much smaller women tended to be 100 years ago.  Size 12 was definitely not the norm back then.


  1. Thanks for the added view *grin*, it's a terrific dress! I like the one in the top photo too, with the slightly off the shoulder look. Spectacular :o)


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