Indianapolis Museum of Art--An Inspiring Place to Visit

My daughters and I recently spent a relaxing afternoon exploring the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  A special fashion exhibit called Fashion in Bloom drew us to the museum.  There we could see Fashions through the decades created by Givenchy and Indiana's own Bill Blass and Norman Norell, among others.  The allure of flowers through the years was apparent as evidenced by the tiny florals in the 1800's fabric of French designers down to the larger boisterous prints of the 70's era in the US.

I have posted a few photos here to share a touch of glorious color in the middle of winter.  Consider this a bouquet of virtual flowers for you!
Notice in this photo how the bubble hem was popular several decades ago and is now a popular trend again.

The clever wrapping and draping of fabric has always been a figure-flattering look.


  1. Can't say I care much for the bubble hem, but overall the dresses are a lovely selection of colors and styles. I really like that deep red dress on the left in the top photo. Wow! :o)

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