Mid Century Modern Designs by Avriel Shull, a Female Architect in Carmel, Indiana

Indianapolis has its own Mid Century Modern inspired builders.  One of them was Avriel Shull, who lived from  1933-1976.  Avriel divided some of her family's land in Carmel, IN and created a Mid Century Modern neighborhood.  The neighborhood still exists today and features the open spaces and beautiful windows characteristic of that era.   Pictured above is one of the homes Avriel built in Thornhurst.  Avriel was unusual for her time.  Very few females were builders.  She was first an artist, then became an architect with no formal architectural training.  She designed her first home at the age of 23.  Avriel went on to design Ladywood Estates, a striking apartment community on the east side of Indianapolis.  She also designed a library in northern Indiana and one in California, and homes in some of the most highly regarded neighborhoods of that day in Indianapolis.

Sadly Avriel passed away at the age of 43, dying of complications from diabetes.  Her work will remain part of the heritage of Indiana.


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