Indy Welcomes Frontier Airlines Employees--How to Decide if a New Area is Right for You

Frontier Airlines

Indianapolis welcomes Frontier Airlines--And FC Tucker has been selected as the designated company to assist employees with their relocation.  I have been privileged to introduce two transferees to the Indy area. Both have been pleased with the affordability of homes here, the easy commute, and the wide array of shopping, sports and dining.

There are some wonderful cost of living guides available if you are considering a move anywhere in the country.  Here are a couple that I have shared with my clients.  This calculator will actually determine how much more or less income you need to make the move. Another is  In comparing Indianapolis and Denver, this calculator reveals that Indy's cost of living is 18.9% less than Denver's.

The smallest detail can be helpful in determining how attractive a new location might be.  The cost of a gallon of milk or the current price of a gallon of gas is useful information to keep in the back of your mind.  Taxes are also an important  factor.  Indianapolis and the surrounding areas have much lower taxes than most of the rest of the country.  Your Realtor is an important resource for this kind of information.  Think of how you live each day--the cost of groceries, movies, dining out.  And the list goes on...

Do you have other ideas on factors that should be considered in making a move to another city?  Feel free to weigh in here.


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