Haitian Orphans and the Indianapolis Colts

What do Haitian Orphans and the Indianapolis Colts have in common?  Two seemingly unrelated topics and yet both are in the news.  What is the tie?  This week Indianapolis responded in an overwhelming way to both demonstrating an amazing sense of community.

Last week emails were sent out by some of the largest area churches about a plane with 300 orphans that would be arriving in Indianapolis.  Families were needed to take in the orphans in pairs of two to shelter and house the children, with the intention of fostering and eventually adopting the children.  The time frame given was immediate--within 2 days the children were to arrive.  Within 24 hours of the emails going out, 500 families raised their hand and said we will take care of these children.  The heart of the people in Indy is huge.  It was later reported that there will be Haitian orphans coming to this area, but the arrival would not be so imminent, and the number would likely be much smaller.  Just the same the test was there, and the people graciously responded.

The Indianapolis Colts have inspired a whole city and nation.  Buildings display "Go Colts" signs in their windows.  People everywhere wear Colts Blue on Fridays.  Cars sport Colts flags.  Huge pep rallies invite the city to celebrate before the big games.  Nearly everyone has a smile discussing their team.   A team can also express the heart of its fans.

The last post I wrote I focused on the more subtle ways to determine if a city is right for you.  The community spirit--of generosity and optimism is an important factor that should be weighed into one's decision.

How do you find what the vibe of a city or community is?

1. Buy a newspaper or read the local news online.
2. Use twitter to search the stream  for a city.  Go to www.twitter.com.  Use twitter search and try the city's name with the # symbol.  For example, #Indy or #Chicago.
3. Use google or bing to search for local bloggers and read their most recent posts.
4. Talk to people when you visit a prospective city.  Talk to people on the street, in stores and in restaurants.

The things you learn will give you an insider view of the heart of the city or community.  It is an insightful place to be.

Post script--The Colts did win the game, and are on their way to play in the Super Bowl.  The true test of a team's fans though is how do they respond when the team is on the losing end?  Or has a losing season?  Does the city rally behind them?
photo courtesy of Living Water International www.water.cc.


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  2. Iam so sad after look at Haiti ..

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM


  4. It always amazes me how human kind steps up to help complete strangers. The Colts should be darn proud of what they are doing!

    God Bless them for the effort, it will not go un-noticed.

  5. Thanks for your comments. It is heart warming to see how much people care and are truly willing to give when there is a challenge.

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