8 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

1.  Do decorate your home for the holidays.  But do it tastefully--nothing over the top.  Nix the elves peeking out of every corner or the tendency to over-tinsel.  You want to be certain a prospective buyer can see your home and not be distracted by  the decorations.
2.  Keep a heavy duty welcome mat just inside the front door.  When inclement weather strikes, make it easy for guests and buyers to remove their shoes at the door.  Avoid extra clean up in the process.
3.  If possible turn on interior lights prior to showings.  During the winter months with less daylight hours more showings will be taking place at dusk or dark.  That first impression of your home is vital to capturing the attention and the emotions of the buyer.  Set the stage with great lighting.
4.  Smells of baking conjure the images of happy family times.  Do bake more and offer a small plate of goodies during showings.  Buyers will linger and give your home greater consideration.
5.  When it snows or is icy, be sure the front walk is clear.  Guard your home against a potential injury to a guest.  Buyers will appreciate that you went the extra mile to prepare for their visit.
6.  Develop a "to do" list of a few tasks that must be done the last 30 minutes before a showing.  Give each member of the family a job, even the littlest ones.  For example, turning on the lights, grabbing the dog for a ride, running the vacuum one last time just before heading out the door.
7.  Add a splash of color to each room of the home to create a focal point.  Stagers suggest red is the most powerful.  Consider a large bowl of fresh red apples.  (I also like to suggest a tall glass bowl of lemons or limes.)  Especially without the spring and summer foliage outside, it is important that the interior of your home adds that visual interest.
8.  If you will be out of town for a few days, be sure a neighbor is available to check on your home.  If the temperatures dip drastically, it is valuable to know someone is checking for freezing pipes.  Be sure your Realtor is aware of your schedule too.


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