Village of WestClay

I recently listed a home in Indiana's first Traditional Neighborhood Development, Village of WestClay. As a Realtor I was excited by the vision that was cast by the Developer George Sweet of Brenwick. George very purposefully hand-picked a group of builders to be the exclusive builders for the neighborhood and planned a trip to Charleston, SC and to Celebration, FL for them to see the genesis of the traditional neighborhood. Village of WestClay would feature architectural styles from early in the 19th century to the early 20th century. Each elevation would have to pass strict guidelines to conform to the colors, details, and stylistic elements of that period.

I remember planning which lot would be the best pick for one of those builders. We were prepared to camp out to be first in line to reserve that lot. Fortunately, a night under the stars was not required to claim that site. A gorgeous Southern Colonial was planned and built. The home featured two deep porches--one on the first and one on the second floor. It sold to a couple that furnished it beautifully, and it now stands as a proud member of the community.

That was many years ago. Today I am happy to look at what the Village of WestClay has become. Brenwick has created much more than a subdivision. Village of WestClay is a community where people live, work, play and shop. George has fondly said that a resident can start walking down one of the streets with an empty wine glass in hand, and before he reaches the end of the street, it is filled.

Indeed, the Village is a friendly place. Multiple groups have been formed, so there is a place for nearly every interest. Some examples are Water Aerobics, Garden Club, Summer Concerts, Swim Club, Ice Cream Social, Women's Style Show, Parades for the kids, Business Networking plus many, many more. Check out the blog out

For more information about Traditional Neighborhood Developments, check out the following websites:

And if you want to take a look at my beautiful listing in the Village, see the post below.

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