The Missing Link in the Current Environment

I enjoy the diverse group of people I follow on Twitter. There is always a great wealth of information from which to glean . One of those people who is always interesting is Leslie Carothers. Leslie works in the furniture industry; yet a recent blog post by Leslie addresses a fundamental need that all consumers have. We want (and need) to trust the people with whom we do business, especially for those purchases that are the weightier ones. Those decisions regarding our homes, our assets, and the safety of our loved ones would fall in that category.

Leslie addresses the need (and current lack of ) trust in today's environment. She points to Social Media as a way to reestablish that trust between retailers and consumers. Here is a link to her article. Once you have had a chance to read it, please tell me what you think!

Thanks to for sharing Leslie's thoughts. Leslie is a featured contributor. Want to connect to Leslie directly? Go to You can also follow Leslie on Twitter @tkpleslie.


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