Free Tickets to the Broad Ripple Art Fair

Another giveaway? Yes, Life is good. My friend Lesley at DesignFile is giving away two sets of tickets to the Broad Ripple Art Fair. Check out her preview and a chance to WIN FREE TICKETS!
If you've never been to the Broad Ripple Art Fair, here's your chance. The annual show is this weekend on the grounds of the gorgeous Indianapolis Art Center. This will be the 39th annual event.
More than 225 artists -- including Reza Pishgahi, who created the piece above-- will be there and this week we'll introduce a few of them to get you excited about this weekend's event. Plus, we're giving away two pairs of tickets to two lucky winners.
The contestTo enter, comment on this post or the art fair preview posts tomorrow and Wednesday. Or, sign up to receive The Design File emails. Either way, make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you and be watching Wednesday to find out if you're the winner. You must enter by 3 p.m. Wednesday.
The artist
Today we'll feature Reza Pishgahi, whose paintings and sculptures are typically on display at his New Motion Studio in Bloomington. Reza also does amazing custom ironwork for homes, including stair and porch railings and sculptures.

"My work in glass and metal sculpture is a reflection of my inner joy of being alive and being present," Reza writes on his web site. "My sculptures represent nature at its elemental levels where wind, water, fire, and earth gather every day for the dance of life. The underlying goal in my design is elegance where simplicity and style intertwine." Reza was kind enough to let me feature a number of photos of his work here and you can see some of his smaller sculptures and paintings at the art fair. He said he doesn't plan to bring his larger sculptures like the 50-inch tall piece called Nossob at right.
If you can't catch him at the show, you can contact Reza at 812-332-4201 to see his work or set up a custom job. In the mean time, enjoy these additional photos of his work.


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