Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Did you see tonight's season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? It featured the MacFarland Family of Indianapolis. I was privileged to volunteer during the makeover for this deserving family. The generosity evidenced by the city of Indianapolis coming together was awe inspiring. So much was accomplished under such limited time frames. The Builder Estridge Homes only had a few short weeks to prepare. 5,000 volunteers were recruited and organized in about 10 days. Only a handful of people knew where the build would take place, but everyone was willing to go when called.

100 laptop computers were donated by Dell. A 3 mile wireless network canopy was provided for the community. Butler University gave 3 full ride college scholarships to the MacFarland sons. Neighboring homes were reroofed. 1300 trees were planted. Alleys were paved. A church was resided. And that is just the beginning...

For more input from an insider's perspective please refer to my blog entries from the days that the build was actually taking place. Look for the posts in April.

Now I have an even greater respect for ABC and Extreme Home Makeover. Thanks for the work you do and the thousands of lives that you have changed.


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