Extreme Makeover Home Edition Indianapolis

Wow!! What an experience. The people--workers buzzing around the house like bees around a hive. Roofers working in unison--30 men from different teams & companies working in perfect synchronicity at breathtaking speed. Proud neighbors parading through the work site--happy to be a part of the grand plan for their community. Volunteers happy to do whatever they were asked to do--planting 1400 trees, painting neighboring homes, building a ramp for a wheel chair, re-siding a church, cleaning alleys, and removing peeling paint from neighboring homes.

I was so thrilled to volunteer at Extreme Makeover Home Edition that I could barely sleep the night before my shift. I kept waking every 30 minutes. Finally at 5:00 am the time had come to get dressed for the big day. My friend Susan and I arrived before the sun had come up. We checked in and signed 7 different release forms then were trained on our job. We considered ourselves fortunate to be assigned to the VIP check in and VIP tent. The check in required us to be sure people were "on the list" and to provide credentials and transportation to the work site. VIP tent was a hosting job. The tent was set up directly across from the building site with the best view of the work being done. The food was catered by Houghlin's Fine Catering and was colorful and delicious. The day was cold and at times rainy. Our tent provided a respite and with the heater, some needed warmth.

The home went from a foundation and 1 wall at the start of the day to 2 full stories with a roof by the end of the day. The framing was completely done. An additional surprise for the deserving family is a library on the property adjacent to the home. That building was also built and roofed by the end of the day.

There are more surprises to come, but those will have to wait for a future blog entry.

I am proud to be a citizen of Indianapolis and am inspired by its people and the generosity of spirit that I have seen displayed. Many kudos to Estridge, the principal builder, for a job far exceeding our expectations.


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