To Twitter or Not to Twitter part 2

Okay, I have to admit that I am a fan! In less than 3 weeks, I am discovering a whole new wonderful world. I have found people to be so generous with their resources and the info they are willing to share, especially Twitter applications. I have been amazed at the people that are willing to follow me. The first ones were a Nasa Astronaut, a Frenchman living in New Zealand and Chris Berman of Good Morning America. As of this writing, I am following 231 people, and 225 are following me.
25-30 more people are following me each day. "Follow" in Twitterspeak means that they want to read my posts or "Tweets" as they are streamed each day. There is a debate on whether one should reciprocate and follow everyone that follows you. I am checking each person's profile and Twitter posts. With few exceptions, I am following each person that follows me.

One of the great benefits is that my blog and websites appear to be more "findable" by Google. The posts are alerting the Google bots to my presence. The people I follow are encouraging and positive. I can learn so much from their approach.

Even as a Twitter newbie, I am being "retweeted". Translation: my posts (tweets) are being repeated by others. This adds value to my contribution to the community. One of the multitude of applications is I checked it a few days ago, and my grade was 90 out of 100. The people at 99 are the elite in the twittervers. Not bad for just starting out, eh?

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