One of the Best Home Buys on the Market--not foreclosures

One of the most overlooked best buys on the market is not foreclosures, bank owned homes, or short sales. No, it is actually corporately owned property or relocation listings. You might wonder what exactly does that mean? A corporately owned home is a home that has been purchased by a relocation company. An employee has accepted a job in another city and has usually tried to sell their home in a limited amount of time. When that effort is not successful, the relocation company steps in and purchases the home. The purchase price is determined through 2-3 appraisals.

Here is the magic--relocation companies do not want to keep these homes in their inventories. They want to move them quickly. My experience has been that they are willing to take a loss to get the home sold. These homes have been well cared for, inspected, and usually are in great condition. A savvy Buyer can make a great purchase by negotiating an offer on one of these properties.

How do you go about finding corporately owned homes? Ask a Realtor in your area for help. There are keywords in the mls system that will separate these homes from the large number of homes currently available.

Don't know a Realtor? I can help direct you to one anywhere in the US. Just email me and I will match you with an expert who can help.

Let me know if you have any questions about this strategy and share your successes!


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