To Twitter or not to Twitter

Why Twitter? Is it worth the time and effort? My Twitter journey began just a couple of weeks ago. I waded in slowly simply following others until I got a sense of the flow of the conversation. Would anyone want to follow me? Did I have anything worthwhile to contribute? Is Twitter useful personally and in business?

I believe Twitter is a useful tool and will become increasingly more so as the legion of fans grows. It is a unique privilege to follow a favorite author--Max Lucado, athlete Lance Armstrong, or a local expert. Twitter provides a dynamic glimpse into their world at any moment in time.

The impact of the bigger picture is an amazingly effective way to communicate information at lightning speed. In Indiana, there is a movement to identify local twitterers through the hash tag # Indiana. Twitter events are already being held for followers to twitter en masse.

It is a bright and fascinating new world. I will post again as I explore ways to apply the technology to real estate.


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