Don't We all love Free Things?

I have a favorite column in the Indianapolis Star written by Erika D. Smith. She does an excellent job of covering the latest tech gadgets, phones, and websites. Her column today made me think of the many places where free things are offered to promote a company.

Freecycle is part of a national effort to avoid putting more things into a landfill but instead to pass them along to people who could put them to good use. If you have an item to give away, you simply post it with a description and set up a time and place for the recipient to pick it up. It is a great concept. Your life is getting simplified and someone else is benefitting. Indy's free cycle website is
Give it a try! I saw a ferret be claimed within an hour!!

Another example is the Silver Jewelry Club. For one shipping and handling price of $6.99, you can choose any of their jewelry currently offered for free. The pieces are all sterling silver with real gemstones and include earrings, pendants, and rings.

I have posted a highlighted link here if you would like to give it a try.

pssst... wanna know where you can get gorgeous jewelry for FREE? Click HERE

Here is another site that looks intriquing:
This site includes rebates, free trials and giveaways--gotta love that.

Do you have other ideas for free stuff? Feel free to write and contribute your thoughts. I will gladly post them.


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