Exploring Indiana! Part 2

There are not only a lot of great sites to see in Indiana, they are happening all year round! Here's some seasonal and special events to check out:

500 Festival
May--various events all throughout the month May in the Indianapolis

Colts Fan Fest
June--Downtown American Legion Mall, Indianapolis
Meet Colts players & cheerleaders, attend the community concert, play in Colts' Inflatable city

Indianapolis Air Show
August--Mt. Comfort Airport,

Indiana State Fair
August--Indiana State Fairgrounds

Labor Day SkyConcert
September--White River State Park


  1. Really like the series. Hope it is going to continue. I'm a Vancouver realtor. I'm not saying that I would immediately move down to Indiana but it is always good to find inspiring activities on one place. I'm also a fan of outdoor activities and Indiana looks like a place for fun.

  2. Thanks so much for the comments! You should come visit sometime :)


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