Monday, June 09, 2008

Renter's Rights

This is great information whether you are currently a renter or landlord. Here are some important tips from David Jessee, senior vice president of FC Tucker, to keep in mind if you rent or are the landlord of a home that is going on the market:

* Standard arrangement calls for new landlords to honor existing leases, so be sure you have a valid lease in writing.

* Legally, a new landlord cannot raise the rent during the term of the current lease. After that term is over, he or she may raise rent or decide not to extend the lease to the current renter.

* Landlords should give tenants reasonable notice for when the home will be on the market and for when showings will occur.

* Renters should be responsible for keeping their homes clean and prepared for a showing.

Orville Copsey of the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society recommends four organizations that offer free legal services for renters who meet financial requirements.

Indiana Legal Services

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society
(317) 635-9428

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic
(317) 415-5337

Landlord/tenant assistance
(317) 926-4357

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