Geist and Morse Reservoirs

With summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about spending time at two of our local reservoirs--Geist and Morse. Both offer waterfront living, boating, fishing, swimming and lots of other summer activites.

Here are some facts about each:


Original purpose--Water supply
Date into service--1943
Water surface area--1,900 acres
Shoreline--35 miles
Maximum depth--48 feet
Storage capacity--6.9 billion gallons
Overall dam length--1,900 feet
Dam height about valley--40 feet
Water depth at dam--26 feet


Original purpose--Water supply

Date into service--1956

Water surface area--1,500 acres

Shoreline--32.5 miles

Maximum depth--42 feet

Storage capacity--8.3 billion gallons

Overall dam length--2,962 feet

Dam height about valley--57 feet

Water depth at dam--42 feet

Information courtesy of the Center for Earth and Environmental Science, IUPUI


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