2007 Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences

The National Association of REALTORS recently released its annual Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences. The study takes a look at what features in a home are most important to buyers. Buyers of homes from late 2005 to early 2007 were surveyed and asked to rate the features they desired in a home. The survey also asked buyers about any home improvement projects they did in the first three months after buying.

The most desired features were central air conditioning, an over-sized garage, a walk-in closet and a backyard or play area.

Studies like this can be extremely helpful for sellers, especially sellers who are having trouble getting an offer on their home. By knowing what buyers are most looking for, the seller can make adjustments to their own home, in hopes of making their own home as attractive as possible.

To view more of the survey, visit http://www.mibor.com/pdfs/Profile2007.pdf.


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