Finding the right paint color

With Spring just around the corner, you may have started making a to-do list of home projects. If painting is on that list, check out these tips for choosing the right paint colors for your home.

1). Find your inspiration--look for colors in pieces of art, pillows, or fabrics that you love. You love those colors already, so incorporate them into your wall colors. Pittsburgh Paints ( has the Color Sense Game to help you find your own color tastes.

2). It's never just about one color--look to blend colors that complement each other. In a kitchen with a black and white theme, try white on three walls with red on the fourth accent wall.

3). Choose a collection--use colors from the same color families. Some decorators suggest the 60-30-10 ratio of color--a dominant color to be used in 60 percent of the room (walls, floors, fabric, furniture), an intermediate color for 30 percent of the room (ceilings, cabinets, smaller furniture) and an accent color to make up the other 10 percent (trim and moldings, rugs, pillows, accessories).

4). Try it on--test several colors before committing to painting a whole room. Many paint manufacturers have mini sample-sized portions of their paint colors for you to try it out.


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