Technology Tidbit: Flash Drives

In my role as a Realtor, I use a variety of technologies from high-speed Internet, cell phones, PDAs, etc. I've come across another great technology tool--an USB Flash Drive--and wanted to share with you all of its benefits.

A flash drive allows you to store a large amount of information and data that can be easily updated and that can be taken with you anywhere. Because it operates off an USB drive, you can use a flash drive in almost any computer.

Flash drives are also helpful for backing up and archiving your computer's contents quickly and easily. It's simpler and faster than Zip Drives or CDs.
They are also great for file sharing--simply carry your flash drive with you and you'll have what you need at all times.

Flash drives comes in all different sizes and capacity limits (some as high as 4GB!) and in all price ranges.


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