Life Expectancies of Common Home Appliances and Components

Here's a helpful list of the average life expectancies of some common home appliances, components, equipment and systems. The list is a range and could vary based on other factors such as quality, proper application, amounts of usage, etc.

Cast Iron Boilers--30 to 60 years

Steel Boilers--20 to 50 years

Heat Pump Compressors--10 to 15 years

A/C Electric Compressors--12 to 20 years

A/C Coils--25 to 30 years

A/C Fans--25 to 40 years

Gas Water Heater--10 to 15 years

Electric Water Heater--10 to 15 years

Fiberglass Roof Coverings (reinforced asphalt shingles)--18 to 25 years

Asphalt Roof Coverings--20 to 24 years

Slate Roof Coverings--35 to 200 years depending on hardness and quarry taken from

Metal Roof Coverings--50 to 90 years

Aluminum Gutters and Downspouts--18 to 25 years

Aluminum Siding--20 to 30 years

Vinyl Siding--25 to 35 years

Wood Windows--35 to 100 years

Aluminum Windows--10 to 25 years

Vinyl Windows--20 to 40 years

Refrigerators--15 to 20 years

Dishwashers--13 to 18 years

Gas Ranges--20 to 35 years

Electric Ranges--15 to 25 years

Garbage Disposals--10 to 15 years

Washers and Dryers--10 to 20 years


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