Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Essential Facts and Figures about Indianapolis

Population (2006)
Marion County--865,504
Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area--1,666,032
Growth since 1990--28.7%

Minimum--645 feet above sea level
Maximum--910 feet above sea level

Average Number of:
Clear Days--88
Partly Cloudy Days--99
Cloudy Days--179
Days with precipitation over .01 inches--126
Annual snowfall--27.0 inches

Distance to Major Metro Areas
Chicago, IL--179 miles
Cincinnati, OH--109 miles
Columbus, OH--178 miles
Louisville, KY--122 miles
St. Louis, MO--257 miles

Metro Area Employment (2006)
Labor force, Indianapolis Metro Stats Area--894,912
Unemployment rate--4.5%

Average Annual Compensation (2005)
Indianapolis Metro Stats Area--$49,096
United States--$49,775

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