Prepare your home for the winter season

Here are 3 areas of your home many people overlook when preparing their home for winter:

Gutters: This is the time of the year to inspect the gutters for leaks and making sure the gutters drain properly. November is also a good time to clean out the gutters that contain leaves and other debris. It is best to clean the gutters after the most of the leaves have fallen form the trees near your home. Gutters that are not cleaned can cause ice damming, which is where water remains in the gutters, freezes and can cause roof leaks/damage. Gutter guards are a great way to keep your gutters clear from debris. Most gutter companies will clean your gutters when installing them, so just ask.

Foundation Vents: These are located at ground level and are needed to vent the home's crawl space. They are roughly 16” wide and 10” tall. Make sure the adjustable louvers are closed in the fall and through the winter. If the louvers will not close or are damaged, you can install and secure inch Styrofoam in front of them. This will help keep the crawl space warm and water pipes from freezing. This procedure will also help your floors above the crawl space stay warmer in the winter.

Garden Hose Connections: While getting ready for the winter be sure to unhook all hoses from there connections to the home. We suggest making a lap around the home to remove all hoses and store them away for the winter. It is easy to overlook a hose that is in an area that doesn’t get much use after the Summer Season. Frozen hoses can bust and flood basements and other areas of the home. Sometimes this may not be noticed until its time to use the water connection in the Spring.


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