10 things that will decrease the value of your home

In my last post, I mentioned 10 features that add value to your home. Conversely, here are 10 things that could decrease the value of your home:

1. A pool. An in-ground pool in most parts of the country doesn't automatically raise the value of your home. Having a swimming pool will automatically limit your market when it comes time to sell.

2. No garage or small garage. Unless you're living in a condo, a retirement community, or historical or in-town neighborhood most buyers will look for at least a two-car garage.

3. Garbled floor plan. Small rooms and bathrooms, an inconvenient floor plan or a layout that requires you to access bedrooms or bathrooms through other rooms will detract value from your home.

4. Outmoded appliances or systems. Who wants an electrical system or plumbing system incapable of handling modern conveniences? Would you buy a home if the appliances were worn or broken?

5. Stale or overly personal decor.

6. A bad roof. Roofs are expensive to replace, and a good roof is considered standard equipment in a house. If your roof has problems, expect to take a hit in the price.

7. Bad location.

8. Poor maintenance. If people think the house hasn't been taken care of, they will wonder what else they're not seeing

9. Environmental hazards. Besides being a danger to human health, lead, mold or asbestos can kill home value.

10. A laundry list of needed improvements.


  1. Good list, many sellers may have trouble viewing their house objectively and this can help them focus their attention. Having your home be it's best can really mean $$ at sale time.


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