5 Reasons Why Staging a Home is Important

In this buyer's market, it's important to have any advantage you can over your competition. One possible disadvantage is having an empty or vacant home. Granted, it may not always be feesible to stage a home or continue living in it while it's on the market. But, if you are able to avoid listing your home while it is vacant, here are a few advantages of listing a home that is currently lived in or staged:

1). People don't buy houses, they buy homes--people like to feel "at home" and comfortable in the home they want to buy and many people can't feel at home in an empty house.

2). Without furniture, there is no frame of reference--rooms can seem too small or even too large without furniture to give a frame of reference.

3). When a room is empty, buyers focus on negative details

4). Only 10% of buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home


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