Going Green in Your Home

The Indianapolis Star recently published in their Homes Section a story about making your home environmentally friendly.

Following are a few suggestions to make your home "green" without giving up modern conveniences:

Use quality materials that will last over time--lower quality products will have to be replaced more often creating more waste.

Take "going green" one step at a time--even small changes can make a big difference, especially if everyone is willing to make a few small changes over time.

Choose green raw materials and products--there are many low-impact substitutes for traditional building materials. For example, flame-retardant insulation made from recycled newsprint, counter tops and backsplashes from recycled glass and wood flooring and cabinetry from sustainable materials like bamboo.

Use appliances and fixtures the the federal government's Energy Star rating--many stores are carrying these energy efficient appliances in all price ranges.


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