More Counties Ordered to Reassess Property Taxes

The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors just released the following update on the property tax situation here in Indiana:

Daniels Orders Reassessment in Additional Counties: Montgomery and Morgan Counties Adopt New Revenue Options

On Wednesday, Governor Mitch Daniels directed the Department of Local Government and Finance (DLGF) to initiate a professional reassessment of all property in Gibson, Posey and Delaware counties. At this time, businesses and homeowners should pay the same amount they did in 2006 as directed by the county treasurer. Adjusted property tax bills will be issued once the reassessments are complete.
Daniels also noted that Brown, Jasper, Jay, Montgomery, Morgan and Pulaski counties are the first to adopt new revenue options approved by the 2007 Indiana General Assembly to offset property taxes. According to Daniels, depending on the replacement tax relief passed in each county, homeowners on average may see their property taxes reduced between 25 to 65 percent.
The governor's call for the new reassessments followed an order last week to reassess Marion County. Daniels also said more counties are likely to get similar directives.


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