Quick and Easy Steps to Stage Your Home

Here are 4 quick and easy steps for staging your home to sell, courtesy of Real Estate Lifestyle Magazine:

1. Up the Curb Appeal
Tiny details on the front and exterior of your home can make all the difference. Paint your front door, add a welcome mat, put up a new mailbox and/or plant some flowers around the entrance and walkway.

2. Clean House
Your definition of clean may not be a potential buyer's definition, so don't overlook anything. Clean out drawers, closets, and cupboards. Sweep your front walkway and entrance. Make sure all trash is picked up. Dust and remove cobwebs.

3. Keep Things Simple
Using simple decor wins points with buyers. It's better to present your home with colors and ideas that are universally appealing. De-clutter your rooms, removing extra and unnecessary pieces of furniture and personal affects.

4. Let There Be Light
Make sure there is an abundance of light when showing your home. A dark home is not a friendly home and buyers like the cozy and warm feeling light gives.


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