Monday, March 12, 2007

2006 Existing and New Home Prices by County/Township

The average home sales price in central Indiana increased slightly in 2006, up 0.9% from 2005.

Overall 2006 average home price=$156,612

Overall 2005 average home price=$155,168

By County:

2005 Total=$239,593
2006 Total=$257,145
$ Change=$17,552
% Change=7.3%

2005 Total=$248,459
2006 Total=$256,554
$ Change=$8,095
% Change=3.3%

2005 Total=$122,935
2006 Total=$122,904
$ Change= -$31
% Change= -0.0%

Marion County's Center SW Township had the lowest average sale price with an average of $48,506. Eagle and Union Townships in Boone County had average sale prices of $391,601 and $360,990 respectively. Hamilton County's Clay Townshiph had an average sale price of $340,931.
Courtesy of F.C. Tucker Company 2006 Annual Report

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