Quick Tips to Help the Heating of Your Home

With our recent snowstorm and frigid temps, here are 2 quick tips for heating your home:

Thermostat: One of the most cost effective strategies that a homeowner can employ to save on home heating energy costs is a programmable Thermostat. Setting the program to lower the temperature when the family is either sleeping or not at home can help conserve energy and lower heating costs.

Furnace Filters: Most manufacturers recommend replacing your furnace filters monthly during the heating season. Many heating systems offer a choice between a disposable filter and a reusable one. Reusable filters should be removed and vacuumed or washed each month. Be sure to use the correct size filter for your system.


  1. I enjoyed your blog. I grew up in Indianapolis and really liked the link to Indianapolis Bloggers.

    Have you had a chance to check out Active Rain?

  2. Dalton, thanks for your comment. It is always great to connect with a former Indy resident. Indianapolis Bloggers is a great group. I promise to check out Active Rain.

    Have a great week!



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