Drop Your Drop Ceilings

Many older homes unfortunately have drop ceilings and many sellers are worried about selling their homes with them. Susan Brackney, writer for First Impressions, offers some advice when it comes to ditching those unsightly drop ceilings:

* Before removing a drop ceiling, find out why the ceiling was dropped in the first place. There could be electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or damage to the old ceiling that the dropped ceiling is hiding. Decide whether the hassle of fixing those problems is worth not having a dropped ceiling.

* If the drop ceiling is a grid-and-panel type, most homeowners can easily remove those themselves. If it is a drywalled drop ceiling, it may be wise to hire a professional because you will have to re-dry wall the ceiling and down the sidewalls.

* Don't forget to rewire...any overhead lights will have to be readjusted or replaced completely once the ceiling is out.


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