Protecting Your Concrete Driveway this Winter

It's inevitable. At some point this winter, it will snow here in Indianapolis. And when it does, everyone will break out the snow shovels and bags of salt.

While they may help you dig out from the snow, salt and ice removers can be hard on your concrete driveway and sidewalks. To protect your driveway and avoid cracks and damage, follow these tips:

1). During first winter, don't use salt or other de-icers, especially if the concrete was placed after mid-September. Use sand instead.
2). De-icers containing salt or calcium chloride should be safe for use on concrete surfaces after the first winter. Never use a de-icer on concrete that contains either ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate. They have been proven to damage concrete surfaces.
3). If there is a heavy concentration or build up of de-icers on concrete, it is recommended that the area be hosed off with water. This makes for a cleaner area for the drive and the home.

Thanks to Steve Gray Renovations for these helpful tips!


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