A Little Closer to Home--Noblesville

Since Diane posted about Zionsville, I thought I would do a post about Noblesville, my current place of residence.

Even though I have only lived in Noblesville for a little over 6 months now, I already feel connected to the community. Everyone--from my new doctor to the librarians to the checkout cashiers at Kroger to my new hairdresser--has been so friendly and helpful. They have made our transition to this new place smooth and less stressful.

I think what drew us to Noblesville in the first place was its small town feel and big city amenities. We loved the downtown area with its quaint shops and mom and pop restaurants. We (especially myself) also love that just outside, either direction you travel, there are many options for shopping. :) And, of course, downtown Indy is an easy, 30-minute drive away.

Next time, I will talk about Noblesville's award-winning schools...

Till then, for more information on Noblesville's businesses, restaurants, and shopping, visit http://noblesville.com/.



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